Ahmed Sardar

Advertising and Promotions Manager

Ahmed is an Online Advertising Manager. He has 12 years of combined experience with selling and promoting different products at big electronic companies like Circuit City, Staples inc, and T-Mobile inc. Working with various vendors like Samsung, Sony, Apple, LG, and other big electronics companies, enabling him to have a complete outlook on advertising and promoting a specific product. Having a strong customer care background also puts him in a unique category to strategically help each customer get the most out of their money.

Phone: 1 (425) 478-9312
Mail: [email protected]

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People About Ahmed

Understood the task well and completed it extremely quickly and with great adherence to detail and my needs. He worked through revisions well and finished a quality project.

Paul DelarueJan 30, 2016

Great work and communication! Super fast and helpful. Thank you! Looking forward to working together again in the future.

Matt LeDouxJan 15, 2016

They did fantastic work ,no hassle! Quick and quality work. I am inviting them back to my team to work on the next project already!" Great work THANKS!

Cem Kaplan FabukJan 21, 2016

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